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What Did RVC Volunteers Achieve in July?

Despite the fact that during the summer, a large part of the population leaves the city for vacation, our activities do not come to a halt!

As part of the Future Impact forum, parents and children got acquainted with the activities of the Republican Volunteer Center (RVC) and met with invited specialists to discuss important family topics. Participants had the opportunity to attend sessions with Jewish educator Rebecka Safronova, psychologists Lyudmila Semina-Gitsu and Daria Barinova, participate in a photography workshop with Olga Goncharenko, and learn about preparing children for excursions from Alina Parabina, a representative of the National Museum of History of Moldova.

A seminar-webinar was also held for the volunteers of the Call Center project, with several speakers covering various interesting topics. 

The volunteers had the chance to interact with Oksana Bozhenko, coordinator of social programs at JDC FSU, who has experience in developing, coordinating, and expanding projects similar to Call Center. They learned about the essence of the project, its goals and objectives, as well as the role of volunteers in it.

Psychologists Yulia Epelbaum and Lyudmila Semina-Gitsu occupied a prominent place in the program. Together, they conducted practical and theoretical sessions that will help participants discover new qualities within themselves for better communication with elderly people.

Moreover, the regular activities of the Call Center did not stop. Over the month, volunteers congratulated more than a hundred golden-age jubilarians on their birthdays, and the "Vsem obo vsem" (All About Everything) project continued to provide useful advice to the elderly. Volunteers and the elderly engaged in telephone conferences discussing important topics such as "Food during hot weather," "How to endure heat at home," "Benefits and drawbacks of berries," and more. The project involves clients of Hesed in Chisinau and regions of Moldova.

Sports were not forgotten either! In July, the National Triathlon Championship Dniester Cup 2023 took place, where RVC volunteers once again demonstrated their discipline and responsibility, ensuring order in all areas to allow athletes to achieve their best results. It was a busy and active day that brought plenty of positive emotions and bright impressions!

A significant event should also be mentioned – the photo exhibition of the "Residents of 20th Century Chisinau" project was presented at the municipal level! On July 17th, the presentation of the photo exhibition took place at the National Museum of History of Moldova. Volunteers and the elderly who participated in the project were present, as well as interested passersby. The continuation of the project was announced at the meeting, so if you want to participate, you can always reach out to the coordinators.

The conclusion of the month was marked by the educational seminar "The Origins of Mercy", which lasted for three days in Vadul lui Voda at the Dacia Marin recreation base. This event, which has already become an annual tradition, aimed to exchange experiences among volunteers from different cities, acquire new knowledge and skills, and optimize the work of the "The Origins of Mercy" project.

These were very busy and productive three days that allowed 45 active volunteers to come together and be inspired to conquer new heights in volunteer activities.

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