'Volunteers on Eco Day' poster
Chisinau / Moldova

Volunteers on Eco Day

On August 6, an amazing event took place - Volunteer ECO Day. This event brought together people for whom ecology is not just a word.

This event brought together individuals for whom ecology is more than just a word. They united with the goal of making our city cleaner and safer for all its residents.

The event received substantial support through a partnership with the "Dendrarium" Park. Participants of the event were able to enjoy the fresh air and inspiration that comes from connecting with nature. Gathered on the park's grounds, volunteers, families with children, and nature enthusiasts had the opportunity to take part in educational activities led by invited experts.

Inga Bostan, the leader of the social project MESTO, shared valuable advice on how each person can reduce their ecological footprint, starting with the rational use of textile products. Xenia Podlesnova, an RVC volunteer, introduced her engaging project focused on environmental protection through the reduction of medication consumption and proper disposal.

A special interest was sparked by the presentation from the company MoldRec, specializing in the collection of various waste, including electronic devices. Isel Altynses talked about the importance of proper waste sorting in our city and the Azaleya project aimed at educating children and teenagers about this crucial practice.

The event had a positive impact not only on informing the participants but also on their creative potential. Anyone interested had the chance to participate in the workshop "A New Life for Objects," where useful bags were crafted from old t-shirts, and entertaining toys for pets were made from old jeans.

Volunteer ECO Day vividly demonstrates that addressing environmental issues is a collective effort that requires unity. Together, we can influence the improvement of our city's condition and, ultimately, our planet as a whole.

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