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Successes of Chisinau volunteers in April!

It's time to sum up the month of April, which was filled with joyful events!

Preservation of memory and promotion of Jewish culture is an integral part of the programs of the Republican Volunteer Center. In April, we celebrated one of the most important Jewish holidays - "Pesach" and held many meetings dedicated to this important event.

Thus, within the framework of the Origins of Mercy project, meetings were held for volunteers and clients of Hesed with our Jewish educator Revekka Safronova, who reminded us of the history of the holiday, its customs, symbols and their meanings. The meeting for the elderly was held online and gathered 100 viewers live!

Revekkah also taught a Jewish Spring Holidays seminar. Despite the bad weather, the volunteers were able to attend the seminar dedicated to the Jewish holidays of Spring. At the meeting, the participants got acquainted with the Jewish festive calendar, received new knowledge from a specialist in the field of Jewish traditions and got acquainted with the Jewish holidays, which are celebrated in the spring, their history and main attributes.

This year marks the 120th anniversary of the Jewish pogrom. In 1903, the Jewish Pogrom took place, which became one of the most tragic events in the history of Chisinau. Thanks to Antonina Pizhevskaya, an activist who finds information about events and organizes volunteers, our volunteers were able to attend a tour with Fedor Evstigneev dedicated to Jewish part of Chisinau. The tour started at the crossroads of Albisoara and Pushkin streets at the foundation stone of the city, and ended on a pedestrian street near the building, where it was torn and assembled according to the leaves of the Torah.

As part of the "Our hands can do anything" project, which is held monthly and was very popular last month, we held a master class in sand painting. Scientists believe that sand exercises relieve irritability, aggression and develop imagination, and are also an excellent tool for development of creative skills and meditation practices. Do not miss the opportunity to join our relaxing meetings - stay tuned for announcements and contact the coordinators!

Also in April, our team worked hard to prepare for the Good Deeds Day. This year we had 10 open promotions, one of which was "Give Lapu" - a visit to the dog shelter "Barbos". As part of the preparation for the action, a master class on making toys from denim was organized. Volunteers made beautiful and durable bone toys with their own hands. Playing with these toys helps dogs develop and maintain physical fitness, strengthen muscles and improve coordination, and they also reduce various behavioral problems such as destructiveness, barking, etc.

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