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Chisinau / Moldova

Sporty volunteering at RVC!

For the second year in a row, the RVC Volunteer Center has been successfully cooperating with the Triathlon Federation of the Republic of Moldova.

These unique events have become a symbol of competitive spirit and outstanding teamwork, in which our dedicated volunteers participate systematically.

This year, RVC volunteers played a crucial role in organizing three major triathlon competitions. The total number of participants in these events exceeded 60 people. This significant achievement highlights the growth and development of our volunteer team and their important contribution to the sports community.

One of the most significant events was the "Europe Junior Cup Triathlon", which took place on August 19 and 20 in the capital's "La Izvor" park. More than 80 athletes from 12 countries participated in these races. Here, 40 of our volunteers contributed to the smooth conduct of the event and supported athletes from various corners of Europe.

The participation of volunteers is of immense importance for the success of sporting events of this magnitude. Their energy and dedication to the cause enable athletes to overcome challenges and achieve outstanding results. Even in the hot summer, our volunteers do not stop because they recognize the importance of their contribution to the event's success and mutual support in difficult moments.

Such events undoubtedly bring immense value not only to our city but also to the entire country. They promote sports, an active lifestyle, and attract new resources to our nation. We express our gratitude to the volunteers whose efforts have made it possible to organize such events and have turned them into real successes!

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