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Purim action

Purim action


The goal of the campaign, as the name suggests, is to bring the light of the holiday, smiles and warmth to where they are needed. 

This year, preparations for the holiday began with the announcement of a drawing contest. Our Hanukkah contest was a great success and we set a new goal for the participants – to create a picture of stickers on packages with gifts to those in need. The participants of the contest tried to express their vision of the holiday, working with a great desire to please the members of the community. 

The guys from the Smartj_Kids group started the month with joy – the joy of collaborative creativity. Under the guidance of Xenia Loza, the children created wonderful masks for Purim. And they will pass on their joy, because the masks will become a gift for grandparents, whose grandchildren are far away from them and children will collect mishloach manot for them, fulfilling the commandments of the holiday. 

The master class on baking homentashn also helped to fulfill the holiday's commandments. The volunteers, led by Anya Lepikhova, baked traditional Purim triangular filled-pocket cookies, and while the baking was being prepared, they got acquainted with the history of its origin. The volunteers presented the remarkable results of their work to the lonely wards of Cherkassy Regional Charitable Jewish Foundation Generation's Care "Hesed Dorot" and the tzedakah collected at the master class was used in the "Bring Joy" campaign to buy gifts.

The volunteers delivered the gifts on the eve of the holiday on February 25, and both the wards and the volunteers themselves were really happy, because the more you share joy, warmth and a smile, the more you get!

Many thanks to those who took part in the campaign " Bring joy!” this year! We hope for further cooperation, because bringing joy is a daily task for volunteers!

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