'Project "My Elder Friend"' poster
Minsk / Belarus

Project "My Elder Friend"

In March, our volunteer Miriam Senko gave an interactive lecture.

The meeting was held for elderly clients of "Hesed-Rahamim" and was on the topic "What are emotions? And how they affect the body."

Miriam, who is a professional psychologist, talked about all the basic emotions and how they affect our body. The participants of the event learned about how each emotion affects our organs, and how we can manage our emotions to improve our well-being and health.

This interesting and useful lecture was organized as part of the "My Elder Friend" project, which aims to connect generations and help our older friends feel more socially active. 10 people came to the event in person, and more than 20 people joined online using the Zoom platform. No one remained indifferent after this interesting lecture, which was useful for all ages.

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