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Career guidance for teenagers

Career guidance for teenagers


New project for volunteers!

Tatyana Semenchuk is a participant in the Your District project, which aims to improve the quality of life in the community. She came up with the idea of helping people of all ages with career choices.

Her project was initially an individual initiative, but thanks to the support of "Your District" she was able to transform it and conduct classes in groups. Tatiana has already hosted two meetings for the AJT teen club, which has 12 teenagers, and has 3 more meetings scheduled.

Tatyana has been active in the life of the community, participating in other projects and activities. Her idea to help people with career choices proved to be useful, and her project attracted the attention of a wide audience. Thanks to the assistance of "Your District" and the support of the community, Tatyana was able to realize her idea and help many people.

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