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"Open kitchen" project for children

"Open kitchen" project for children


Not so long ago, the "Open Kitchen" project for children from the PCJO Family Support Department "Hesed Rakhamim" was held.

At the meeting, the children remembered the wonderful holiday of Shavuot, its traditions and customs. It is commonly known that it is customary to eat dairy products in Shavuot, and our guys know this for sure! Therefore, the project leaders decided to try making milkshakes with the guys.

This process was noteworthy: the delight experienced by the participants and presenters, fascinating stages of preparation and thanks to teamwork, delicious cocktails are ready. But this is not the end at all!

Cooking trifles became a pleasant and of course tasty bonus for the guys. Fascinating step-by-step preparation of cakes, layer by layer, and our guys have real masterpieces. It is worth mentioning that each participant was able to show their creative abilities, even in a simple decoration of their dessert. This is how tasty and colourful the "Open Kitchen" project was for our lovely children. It gets better and better! Bon appetit and may your every day be full of only sweet and positive moments!

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