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Vitebsk / Belarus

Offline Tech-support

Volunteers of Vitebsk have collected, repared and donated smartpones to the elderly of the community.

Smartphones are being used by everyone from kids to elders. However, not every elder is lucky enough to have one, so our voluntary community decided to fit that problem.

Thus, in order to fix this problem, Hesed of Vitebsk decided to organize a donation where everyone could bring their old or new phones. Consequently, the acquired phones were delivered to our grannies and grandpas by our volunteers. 

Volunteers also haven’t forgotten about those who have phones, but are experiencing some technical difficulties. These kinds of phones were handed over to the volunteers that are focused on the repairing process. Volunteers have fixed all the disorders and phones have returned back to their owners safe and sound.

This way, the elderly of the Hesed from Vitebsk will always be able to stay in touch with their relatives and close ones, have access to the global net and go step in step with technological progress.

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