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New audio productions in the creative "piggy bank"

New audio productions in the creative "piggy bank"


Great success of audio productions in the Theater of Three Generations!

The Theater of Three Generations project has been in existence for three years. During this time, it has transformed, trying on different forms and new platforms.

Every week before Shabbat, the Theater of Three Generations presents a new production to our golden age wards, which is regularly prepared by teenagers and middle-aged volunteers.

And even though we have moved out of the online format, the audio productions of our actors are still a great success. They are broadcast for elderly participants in Hesed's projects "University without Borders", which broadcasts by phone, as well as for members of the Skype group "Nina Aronovna's Library".

Audio productions have a variety of themes, from Jewish humor to traditional recipes. Participants show their creativity and originality every time. They raise new and new topics for discussion, revealing them in a new way.

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