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"Memories of the Past"

"Memories of the Past"


A wonderful meeting “Memories of the Past” have been hosted. This time it was special, as everyone were present at the Kedem’s odeon and not online as it was last time. It was precious to see everybody in one big room.

Regina Semionovna Tarutina was the spotlight of the evening. She shared with volunteers her memories from the times of war. About the first day of this tragic event that caught her off guard in the city of Tula, about her father and aunt that have seen it all.

During the meeting we got to listen to the poems and songs that were written by our statement piece of the evening. Major part of the evening was spent on discussing the Regina’s memories before and after war. Second World War started when she was only 6. Volunteers have listened to the stories about pioneer camps that were organized even during the war. Our hero has shared her photo collection from back in the day, complementing every image with a lovely story.

It is easy to spend hour talking to Regina, as it seems that she can support any topic possible. We can’t wait to hear more of her stories in premise of other projects of our voluntary center. We are thankful to all the volunteers who participated in this project and special “thank you” goes to Regina for this educational and enlightening meeting! We are remembering the Past with hope for a brighter future!

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