'Master class in the program "Children's World"' poster
Tashkent / Uzbekistan

Master class in the program "Children's World"

Master class on making amulets for young participants of the summer program "Children's World".

It's always inspiring to see how creativity and kindness intertwine in a single act. As part of the "Children's World" summer program, our indispensable volunteer, Julia Berkovich, created a special moment for children – a talisman-making workshop for the home.

At the heart of the workshop was Julia's explanation of the significance of talismans in the lives of different cultures. The children learned that these were not just decorations, but symbolic protections woven into every thread. With joy, they examined the talismans, selected threads of various colors, and, under Julia's guidance, began crafting their own little masterpieces.

Around the round table symbolizing unity, and in the process of collaborative creation, the children found common ground and shared their happiness with one another. The sizes, colors, and shapes of the talismans were as diverse as the participants themselves. Each one carried the essence of the children's hearts, making them truly special.

We extend our sincere gratitude to our devoted volunteer, Julia, for this wonderful workshop. Her warmth and care allowed the children to experience the joy of creation, enriching their world with colorful talismans.

Don't miss the opportunity to join us and share your kindness. Together, we create magical moments and inspiration!

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