'Love Story 2.0' poster
Chisinau / Moldova

Love Story 2.0

For Valentine's Day in Moldova, the RVC team prepared the sequel to the most beautiful photo exhibition.

Love is a powerful force capable of literally changing the world for the better. Reflecting the beautiful feeling captured in photographs, the photo exhibition "Love Story 2.0" was presented on February 26 at the Artcor Creative Hub. Each work represented the story of elderly people who managed to carry this beautiful feeling throughout their lives. The photographs were accompanied by a unique author's story about amazing love, revealing the feelings and emotions of the heroes depicted in them.

As part of the event, the presentation of an online magazine took place, the aim of which is to delve deeper into the project. The project participants became the center of attention, serving as an example of love and fidelity between people. The photo exhibition "Love Story 2.0" reminded everyone of the importance and value of relationships, and no one present remained indifferent to the stories of the participants.

About fifty people attended the event. Exhibition visitors enthusiastically acquainted themselves with the presented love stories and shared their impressions. The efforts and assistance of volunteers, who received memorable gifts along with the project participants, were separately noted.

We express heartfelt gratitude to our partners, the Artcor team, and the Librarius bookstore for providing 35 books about love as gifts for project participants and volunteers. We are confident that each book will serve as a reminder of the event and help preserve beautiful memories of it for a long time.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in "Love Story 2.0"!

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