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Chisinau / Moldova

Literary evening in the Library

Recently, a meeting of the Literary Evening project took place, which was held in cooperation with the Jewish Library named after Ivan Manger.

As part of this project, we hold events of various formats:

- Weekly online meetings that are designed specifically for seniors. Such meetings allow them to enjoy literary works, discuss them with other project participants and share their impressions without leaving home.

- Offline meetings that are open to all generations. At these meetings, we get together to discuss books and have interesting discussions on various literary topics. This is a great opportunity for all book lovers to meet in person and share their favorite books, personal views, ideas.

- Scheduled meetings in the library dedicated to various topics of literature and the history of the Jewish people in Moldova and the world. At such meetings, we study and discuss books that reveal the history and culture of the Jewish people, as well as their contribution to literature and art.

In addition, the participants of our project read books related to a certain topic and actively discuss them among themselves as well as with older people. Such an exchange of views and ideas contributes to the enrichment of knowledge and mutual understanding between project participants of different age groups.

“The Literary Evening” project is intended not only to broaden one's horizons and knowledge about literature, but also to create a friendly and open atmosphere where everyone can express their thoughts and feel part of the literary community. We plan to continue our work and in the future to hold many more exciting meetings and discussions that inspire us to new discoveries and immersion in the world of words and stories.

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