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Cooking class "Open kitchen"


An open kitchen in Minsk took place at the end of February as part of the Purim Postmen project.

We invited children and their parents from the Jewish community to help them prepare their personal mishloach manot (traditional gifts exchanged during the holiday) for Purim!

In honor of Purim, an event was organized in cooperation with the EKO "Emuna" and the Public Charitable Jewish Organization "Hesed - Rahamim". As part of the event, a culinary master class was held on making healthy sweets from nuts and dried fruits. Two volunteers took part in the action.

The purpose of our project was to help children feel part of the community, as well as to tell them about the four main commandments of Purim and to give them the opportunity to fulfill one of them - Mishloach Manot - the exchange of gifts between people.

In addition, we showed the children that sweets can be not only delicious, but also healthy!

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