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Holiday to every home. Minsk

Holiday to every home. Minsk


The volunteer center delivered fruits to the elderly wards of the Hesed-Rahamim PCJO, and also sent 200 greeting cards by mail. We did the impossible - volunteers from the Volunteer Community Minsk brought the holiday to 30 homes of Hesed wards. The most important people of the community, people of the "golden" age, those who stood at the origins of many traditions, those who are the most important link in the Jewish history of our city, were presented with fruit sets for the Passover holiday. 200 greeting cards, with the warmest wishes, were sent to the homes of Hesed's wards throughout the Minsk region. With such small but important things, we can show the elderly that we remember them and we are grateful! Give warmth and show care. It is not that difficult to give a helping hand or just talk! The main thing is to be sincere, and this is the only way for us! Give each other love and care, and we will always be there!

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