'Food Security in Vitebsk' poster
Vitebsk / Belarus

Food Security in Vitebsk

The second stage of the "Food Security" project for the elderly has started!

The second phase of a large-scale food safety project for Hesed's elderly clients who find themselves in a difficult life situation has begun.

The joyful news that volunteers bought food, delivered and packaged it in kits for the elderly participants of the Food security project, which filled the hearts of each of us with pride and delight. In total, 11 sets were prepared and handed over, which provided a sense of hope and confidence in the future for the elderly.

Such initiatives not only help our elderly loved ones, but are also are a great example of social responsibility and kindness in our society.

Let this project be a small, but important step towards strengthening the health and well-being of our beneficiaries, and with them all those around us, who will never be left without our attention and support.

We thank everyone, who takes part in this noble cause and look forward to further cooperation and joint achievements in the future. Together we can make the world a better and kinder place, starting with small but important steps in our society.

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