'Festive Delivery' poster
Vitebsk / Belarus

Festive Delivery

For Hanukkah, volunteers delivered food packages, souvenirs, and gift calendars to the elderly.

Hanukkah is a long-awaited holiday when both big and small miracles happen! This time, the role of kind wizards was taken on by the volunteers of our Vitebsk center, who decided to bring a little festive light and warmth to the homes of the elderly clients of Hesed.

It's no secret that many elderly people experience a lack of communication, as they spend a lot of time within the walls of their apartments. To fill this gap, volunteers visited 20 addresses where their clients awaited them.

As festive Hanukkah gifts, food packages, souvenirs, and gift calendars were handed out. But the main gift for the elderly was live communication and joyful emotions generously shared by our volunteers.

Pleasant gatherings in a family atmosphere brought great joy to our clients! Many thanks to the volunteers for participating in the lives of the elderly, their kindness, and care!

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