'Educational Seminar "The Origins of Mercy" 2023' poster
Chisinau / Moldova

Educational Seminar "The Origins of Mercy" 2023

Volunteers from 4 cities of Moldova attended the annual traveling educational seminar

An event that has become an annual tradition, the seminar focuses on sharing experiences among volunteers from different cities, acquiring new knowledge and skills, as well as optimizing the work of the "The Origins of Mercy" project.

This year, the seminar took on a new format, emphasizing the education of new volunteers, personal growth, and teamwork. Over the course of three days, volunteers from Chisinau, Balti, Tiraspol, and Rybnitsa participated in educational sessions, engaged in various activities, attended workshops, and other events. Among the speakers were:

  • Alexandra Pukhlyakova conducted a session on public speaking skills. During the session, Alexandra explained why fear of public speaking is normal and shared ready-to-use frameworks for preparing public speeches.
  • Ludmila Semyina-Gitsu led a session on "Project Management" and teamwork.
  • Pavel Tesheu conducted a session on copywriting, explaining how writing skills can be used in volunteering and why it is important.
  • Alexandra Frekautsan reminded participants of different target audiences and how to identify their needs.
  • Alexandra Kiseeva provided advice on creating a basic wardrobe.
  • Olga Syrbu talked about promoting a personal brand through social media and how it can be used in volunteering.
  • Maria Sklyarenko taught volunteers to feel colors and textures in a painting workshop.

New ideas, solving old problems, and delving deeply into the boundaries of virtue filled the volunteers with enthusiasm and motivation to continue moving forward and developing their personal projects or becoming part of existing ones.

These were three intense and productive days that brought together 45 active volunteers, inspiring them to conquer new heights in their volunteer work. We thank everyone who was part of this wonderful and very important event and wish all of us success in implementing our ideas!

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