'Dancing for Everyone' poster
Vitebsk / Belarus

Dancing for Everyone

Dance Class for Elderly Hesed Clients

Age is no obstacle to energetic dances and active pastime, as evidenced by the meetings for elderly Hesed clients in Vitebsk, where they could recharge with the powerful energy of dance!

The events were organized by volunteers and took place within the framework of the Day Center under the guidance of an experienced choreographer. During the sessions, participants warmed up with joint gymnastics and then learned the movements of the Hava Nagila dance. After just a few classes, Hesed clients demonstrated choreographic wonders and continued to refine their dancing talents with pleasure. Even fatigue couldn't hinder the participants of the choreographic marathon. Those who were very tired continued to dance sitting down, supporting others with their perseverance and positive emotions! Such enthusiasm is truly admirable!

Our choreographic marathon has come to an end, but the emotions it brought to our clients will warm their hearts and fill them with joy for a long time. Thanks to our volunteers for caring for the elderly and their efforts to make their lives more interesting!

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