'Culinary master-class "Cooking Together"' poster
Chisinau / Moldova

Culinary master-class "Cooking Together"

Volunteers and elders of Hesed have participated in a grand event dedicated to the celebration of Shavuot.

Volunteers were divided into teams. Every team has a separate table with a special set of products that participants had to use to the fullest, just as their creativity, to create unique and tasty dishes for the judging panel – our elderly friends. Special “thank you” goes to Yaakov Cerner, who opened up the event with a special story about the origins of Shavuot and read to us a poem that he has written himself. This information was useful to the participants further on into the competition, as some of the equipment like blender, mixer, and spices have to be earned by providing quick and truthful answer about the celebration Shavuot.

Volunteers have overcome all the obstacles and came up with more than 20 dishes in 45 minutes. Now it was time for our qualified judges to give their rating! They considered not only taste, but also presentation, dishing, creativity and team spirit. As for results, two teams were chosen as winners and have received a very handy prize - “40 Recopies of my Jewish Grandma”.

Our visitors from Hesed carefully rated each dish and expressed gratitude toward volunteers and their creativity. Judging is a difficult job, so our judging panel of elderly women have also received cookery books.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the event and put a piece of their heart into one dish.

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