'Candle Making Workshop 2024' poster
Vitebsk / Belarus

Candle Making Workshop 2024

Candle making workshop for clients of the Hesed Day Center

Volunteers from our center strive to make the lives of our clients engaging and enjoyable. This time, they organized a wonderful candle making workshop for the elderly clients of the Hesed Day Center.

For our clients, the workshop was a step up in skill level - last year, they learned how to make candles from wax. Considering the significant importance of candles in Jewish culture, such skills are invaluable. Each participant could take their candle home and use it according to tradition.

Our senior friends greatly enjoyed the workshop. They learned to use special molds for pouring wax and decorated the candles, relying on their creativity and taste. As a result, each candle turned out to be a unique work of art!

The participants of the workshop thanked the volunteers for the new knowledge and the enjoyable time, expressing their anticipation for future workshops!

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