'Action "Memory of the Past, Road to the Future"' poster
Vitebsk / Belarus

Action "Memory of the Past, Road to the Future"

Improvement of a part of the Memorial Complex "Old Jewish Cemetery of the town of Kolyshki"

A joint event involving the volunteer center of the City Jewish Community, the Jewish Cultural Center "Mishpoha," the NGO "Chaldei David," and the Synagogue was aimed at landscaping and restoring the Memorial Complex "Old Jewish Cemetery of the town of Kolyshki" in the Liozno district of the Vitebsk region.

This significant project to restore the burial site has been ongoing for over two years, and during this time, a considerable amount of work has been done. More than 300 tombstones were raised, a memorial sign was installed at the site of the mass shooting, plaques with translations of epitaphs were placed, and landscaping work was carried out, including tree planting, road construction, and the creation of a parking area for visitors.

This collaborative effort has become a significant step in preserving and respecting historical heritage, creating an important sacred place where every visitor can honor the memory of the departed and pay their respects.

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