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08/08/2016 01:58
Seminar for Coordinators VCFSU 2018
Business and community – Hila - [email protected]
Individual skills of leaders
How to save contact with buisness-organizations
Partnership with buisness-sector
Managment of volunteer activity
Individual program for improving the lifestyle
Sceme of communication between community and buisness
Tool for determining the state of infrastructure for promoting partnerships with business organizations
Understanding the role of a good business coordinator in the community
Various projects for partnership with the business sector
Simulation of the first meeting
Coordinator of the business community
Example of the work plan of the "business community" coordinator
Health - Meirav - [email protected]
Volunteer projects of Health
Health promotion
Definition of need
Volunteer program: Walking
Community project. Stages and glossary of terms
Big Brother - Dorit - [email protected]
Determination of goals
Who are we looking for
When I was a child
Advices for interaction
Phsycological need
Cool information
Open in yourself a PM
Plan and behaviors
Out of box Thinking
Special needs - Yifat - [email protected]
Social and sexual behavior
Preparing a volunteer to work with people with disabilities - the general structure
Preparation and support
Help cards
Situation cards
How our activities are reflected in my work plan
Tree of persons with disabilities
Scheme of origami
Ways and Models of Help
Conference 2016
Israel projects #1 - Elena
Israel projects #2 - Yana
Israel projects #3 - Mimi
Israel projects #4 - Asia
Best practics Volunteer Community FSU
Difficulties from my volunteer experince
B Kind - How it all began
B Kind - Workshop
B Kind Outputs Cards
B KIND Activity actions guide
Instructions for coordinators
Volunteers manual
Family volunteering
Grandma in the Net
Game rules
Volunteer motivation
Volunteer job development
Recruitment of volunteers
Retention of volunteers
Technology of planning
Community projects - steps and vocabulary
Age 30-50 - goals and motivation
Model of volunteering in middle age
Seminar - volunteering of elderly
Preparation of the organiation
Retention of elderly volunteers
Family volunteering - what does it mean?
Characteristics of elderly
Webinar Volunteer Community SMM - Alexei Lidovscki (Public introduction in FB)
Webinar Volunteer Community| Copywriting - Alexandr Bihno (writing good texts)
Seminar for coordinators FSU - Ukraine
Buisness and volunteering
How demography influences on volunteering
Presentation = I
Informal education
Theory of Generations
Project - what does it mean?
Materials from volunteer seminar VCFSU Russia
Community: needs and resources
How to create a volunteer project
Shabbat. Culture of time