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05/01/2016 19:34

Vockathon is a Volunteer Marathon, created in the form of technical Hackathon, using volunteer activities in practice.

Volunteer teams of 6 people will work to solve Matsav within 4 days (specific problem, situation, the needs of a particular family or a person from the local community). In this process, volunteers need to allocate the roles within the team, get acquainted with their Matsav, plan activities, find the necessary resources and implement their plan. The volunteers will be accompanied by: team supervisors (VC coordinators) and a group of experts who are online and offline at any time of the day, are able to hold consultations and training meetings, based on their knowledge and skills.

September 27-30, Kharkiv (50 participants)

October 4-7, Mykolaiv (60 participants)

Thanks to this form of events, volunteers:

  • Gain new skills both in theory and practice. They will be able to communicate with team and clients, create a plan, search Inkind resources, make an analysis, deal with SMM, photo / video, editing, presentation, etc.;
  • Gain confidence in the unlimited possibilities of teamwork;
  • Help individuals in solving their problems;
  • See and analyze the results of their work;
  • Find new friends, experience, motivation and positive emotions.

Volunteers will spend 4 days and 3 nights of continuous activities for the benefit of local communities. But do not worry, volunteers won’t be exhausted during this period, they will be high energy for a long time. It is very important that our event is non-alcoholic, in order to stay strong and work effectively. In case of violation of this rule, the participant will be immediately disqualified from the Vockathon, sent home and his travel expenses will not be covered.