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28/02/2016 14:51


We present to your attention the list of the sites that should be monitored constantly. Take into the consideration!

Programs and projects for the volunteers:


The Platform that allows the volunteers to travel/volunteer in Europe.  It is a long-term program (there are 3 temporary opportunities: be a volunteer for 3 months for 9 or for 12, depending on the program selected).  The program covers 90% of the costs (the travel and accommodation expenses, including the pocket expenses)


Volunteer camps that allow volunteers to help not only in Europe but also in North and South America.  The projects are selected individually for every volunteer.


The Platform that allows to find a volunteer project according to the interests of the volunteer.  Also, AIESEC closely cooperates with europa. eu



This is a short-term project that exists in Australia, New Zealand and several other countries and involves working in groups for nature protection and the promotion of the eco-tourism. You can join this project for a small fee (usually it is around $ 100 per week), which covers the costs of meals and accommodations.  It is the British equivalent (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers) which can be found here.




The path among the mountains Appalachia in the East of the United States that has the length of more than 3 200 km and it is the home for 2 000 types of animals, which are disappearing and which are at the verge of disappearance .

The Volunteers help in the construction of the path and in keeping of the nature in exchange for shelter and food.


UN invites everyone to participate in the projects and to work abroad — from health care and economic development to help the victims while the natural disasters.  Although many positions are open only to experienced professionals, the UN provides links to hundreds of international non-governmental organizations which are looking for similar help, but with fewer formalities.




Programs :


Useful for the international partnership and for the search of educational, financial possibilities are the following sites:


Grants Applications are constantly renewed at the following sites:


Grants for the Documentary Films


Art  Cinema


Education and Science



Interdiscipline  Practice


Searching the Partners

In order to help the European cultural initiatives, Euclid has developed two projects: Creative Partners Directory – the Guide for the organizations that are looking for the partners in the EU countries, as well as the site Creative. Partners — a free platform where people can search the partners for their projects.