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05/03/2019 15:00

Within the framework of the 2019 Conference, the “Best Practices Fair” will be held. On it you can present the most attractive volunteer programs.

We ask volunteers and coordinators representing a community or organization to present their best, interesting and successful program, which has an innovation. Please focus on one program, not all your volunteer activities.

To ensure that everything is clear, please follow these guidelines:

– Prepare a banner of 60 * 160 cm, which will include the following information (see attached example). You can also see examples of other banners (see attachments).

– Reconcile the banner with the coordinator and send it to print (you will have $ 30 for this) JDC will provide the BL for your requests

– Bring a computer so that you can show films and photos of the activities within the framework of the project being presented (if any).

– Bring examples of diplomas, brochures, gifts that you give out to volunteers in the city, etc.

– If several volunteers from different organizations come from the same city, each of them will be able to present their own organization.

– At the Fair you need to submit a new project that did not participate in the Fair 2016, 2017.

– For each organization we will prepare a space: 1 square meter, within this space each organization will have its own table. The organizers do not provide anything other than outlets and the table.

The fair will also be a competition. Communities with the best “counters” will be able to win a prize that can be spent on rewarding volunteers in the community (not a monetary reward, but, for example, organizing an event for them, etc.). Three prizes will be raffled for the first three places: 400, 600 and 800 dollars.

Criteria for selection:

  1. Clarity and simplicity of materials
  2. Aesthetics and contribution to the design of the “counter”
  3. Clarity in the transfer of information during the fair.

Before April 10, the file with the image (jpeg, jpg, pdf) must be sent (with the subject of the letter: Banner to the fair (city):

PDF file with information that should be on the banner, you can download here.

Below are examples of banners and a file to fill.


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