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05/01/2016 19:34

The Charles Hoffman Award is awarded annually for outstanding leadership and achievement in various fields of Jewish life throughout the FSU.  The award was established in 2001 in memory of Charles Hoffman (z”l), who throughout his life exemplified a deep commitment to and love of the Jewish people. He was an acclaimed author, journalist and joined the JDC-FSU senior staff as Country Director of Central and Western Ukraine, the Urals, Volga and Central Russia.

Previous award categories include:

  • Outstanding program for the integration of teenagers at risk

in teen and youth activities in the Jewish community

  • Communal Programs which preserve and strengthen Jewish historical memory
  • Programs for the inclusion of children with disabilities and their families in the Jewish community
  • Communal activities which integrate Children Initiative ( CI ) families
  • Innovative Programs which Improve the Quality of Life of the Elderly
  • Youth Volunteer Programs
  • Creative Family Programs based upon Jewish content and which promote Jewish values
  • Programs integrating Jewish texts (classical and modern)and/or the strengthening of Jewish historical heritage
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Young Leadership development programs
  • Creative Jewish education or cultural programs in FSU Libraries
  • Children and families programs
  • Journalism
  • Community Welfare programs
  • Jewish Community Centers
  • Academic Judaica

This year the award will be given to:

Outstanding program for “individuals at-risk” who volunteer in the Jewish Community

Selection Criteria:

Programs will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  1. Volunteer program in which the volunteers themselves are considered “at risk” (people with special needs, families with low income or at risk, teenagers at risk. Not including elderly)
  2. The program in which “at risk” volunteers provide a meaningful contribution to the Jewish Community:
    1. Addresses unmet community needs
    2. Contributes to strengthening the community

For example, a) a group of JFS mothers who organize Kabbalat Shabbat for elderly clients b) Volunteers at-risk who are integrated into volunteering projects (material support will be provided for logistics and professional support, e.g. transportation, professional supervision) c) a group of at-risk teens who mentor at-risk children d) people with physical limitations who advise others with similar limitations on how to cope with their disabilities, or who advise communal institutions on how to ensure their premises are accessible to the disabled

  1. A new communal volunteer program for people at risk or an established program in existence at least one year which will expand into a new program for people at risk.
  2. Ongoing volunteering program in the Jewish community (meets on a regular basis).
  3. Potential for replication in other regions
  4. Contribution to the personal development of people at risk

Application Procedure:

  1. This information sheet and an application form are being sent to all JDC-FSU offices. We will also need your assistance in distributing this information to all relevant programs in your region affiliated with JFS’s, JCC’s, Heseds, and different Jewish organizations both affiliated and non-affiliated with the JDC. Upon receipt of the letter, please e-mail us with the contact details (name, title, phone number and e-mail) of the person in your office responsible for distribution and follow-up of this material. We suggest that you involve the CI coordinator in the JDC office.
  2. Candidates must read the attached information sheet and complete the attached application form. Relevant supporting materials may be added.
  3. Applications must be e-mailed to our office by Thursday, 1 November 2018. All applications should be copied to the responsible regional JDC office.

Selection Procedure:

The Selection Committee, comprised of both JDC and non-JDC professionals will review all complete applications based on the above criteria.

Awards will be given to three different programs with the award amount of 2000$ per each one. The total award fund is $6,000.

Winners will be notified by December 2018. The award ceremony location and date will be announced later.

Please e-mail applications in Microsoft Word format to:

Olga Lomkin


Coordinator of Charles Hoffman Award

Division of Planning and Program Development

[email protected]

Telephone for queries: +972 2 6557308

Download file: Hoffman 2018 – application form